Kahi (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Aravind Shastry
Starring: Suraj Gowda, Krishi Thapanda, Harisharva, Mathangi Prasan, Ramesh Bhat

Hari (Harisharva) is a poet who also teaches kids in his free time and is friends with Ramesh Bhat who suggests to him to use his talents in a TV show. Hari refuses saying he prefers working in marketing and sales. Actually he sells ganja 🙂

Ramesh Bhat is a teacher whose daughter Akhila (Krishi Thapanda) has been married for three years but doesn’t have children yet. This worries her family and she keeps going to the doctor trying to understand what the problem could be. Though she and her husband get along with each other, they don’t have a deep connection. Akhila did engineering but left it to become a teacher of small children despite her father not approving of it. She hopes to become a writer and doesn’t find a deep connection with her husband who looks at everything very normally and superficially.

Vidya (Matangi Prasan) is a dancer who one day bumps into Raghu (Suraj Gowda). Raghu is mentally disturbed and also an alcoholic. He has problems with his father who is rich and wanders aimlessly drinking and taking his frustrations on anyone or anything that is weak.

All these different characters and their lives get connected together in surprising ways and that forms the story of Kahi.