Karnana Sampathu (1991/2005)

Year: 1991/2005
Directed by: R Shantharam Kanagal
Starring: Ambareesh, Tara, K S Ashwath, Prakash Raj, Tennis Krishna, Honnavalli Krishna, Mandip Rai, Umashree, Mukhyamanthri Chandru, Jai Jagadish

Karnana Sampathu was actually made in 1991 but was only released in 2005 because of a dispute between the producer K R Muralikrishna and the film financier.

Meshtru (Ashwath) is a teacher in a small village and has been teaching for many years. Now he has reached retirement age and so a function is organised to honor his service. But he and his friends are big Ambareesh fans and he is in a hurry to go to the theater and watch the latest Ambi movie. The next day hec oems to school and starts teaching again forgetting that he has retired. The headmaster tries to explain to him and tells him to not come back to teach because it is against the rules. But Meshtru does not accept this and feels very bad and hurt that his contributions are not being appreciated. That night while sitting with his friends he decides to start a new fans club in honor of Ambareesh in their village. They plan to take inspiration from Ambareesh’s charity works and help people irrespective of their caste and religion.

Parallel to this we see Ambareesh acting in movies and living his normal life. Karnana Sampathu tries to connect actors and their responsibilities and love for their die-hard fans.

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