Karva (2016) w.Subs

Year: 2016
Directed by: Navaneeth
Starring: Thilak Shekar, Anisha Ambrose, Anu Poovamma, Devaraj, RJ Rohith, Poonam Singar, Vijay Chendur

There are two parallel stories in this horror film set in a haunted bungalow.

Thilak and Anisha are brother and sister with Devaraj as their rich businessman father. Thilak spends his time partying in different countries and enjoys gambling his father’s money. Anisha has celebrated a grand birthday party and the next morning gets a phone call from her father. He asks her to go out side to see her surprise birthday gift which is an Audi sports car. After test driving it to some place, he asks her to press a doll that is placed in front of the steering wheel. When she does that, fumes come out of it and she becomes unconscious. While Devaraj is in a meeting, he receives a phone call from three people who claim to have kidnapped Anisha and demand that he give them 10 crores as ransom.

In the other story, an NRI visits the office of a TV documentary filmmaker who specializes in shows about haunted places. The NRI says he has been trying to sell his ancestral home but no one is buying it because it is supposed to be haunted. He requests the filmmaker to make a show about the bungalow and prove that it is not haunted so that he can sell it. When the filmmaker hears the name of the bungalow he is excited because it is a famous haunted place and so he agrees.

How these two parallel stories merge forms the rest of Karva.