Kasturi Nivasa (1971) w.Subtitles

Year: 1971
Directed by: Dorai-Bhagavan
Starring: Rajkumar, K. S. Ashwath, Narasimharaju, Jayanthi, Aarathi, Rajashankar, Balakrishna, Vijayasree

The all-time legendary movie of Annavaru.

Ravi Varma (Rajkumar) is a very rich and successful businessman and owner of a matchbox company called Dove brand. He has a pet dove also in the office and when he walks into the office he is surrounded by chamchas who laugh at his jokes even before he has cracked them. He initially looks like a proud man who likes having chamchas around him but slowly we realize the true character of Ravi as a very generous, kind hearted and caring person. His only negative is that he always wants to keep his head high up and never bows down to anyone even when he faces the biggest problems in his life. Actually in the beginning of the movie he gets angry with his branding manager when he notices that the picture of the dove on the matchbox has its head low.

Ravi sacrifices his love, his company, success and all his wealth because of his principles and suffers as he goes through his life. Even today after nearly 50 years, this movie is remembered for Annavaru’s acting, story, direction and deep messages about life.