Kataka (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: Ravi Basrur
Starring: Ashok Raj, Spandana Prasad, Shlagha Saligrama, Madhava Karkada, Om Guru, Vijay Basrur

Kumar is a teacher who lives in Bengaluru but was born in a small village and still has feelings for it. He gets a transfer to the school in this village and is excited to return to his hometown with his wife Vandana and daughter Kavya. Upon reaching there he is welcomed by his old friend Appu and his Uncle. But everyone in the village is not friendly. Kumar’s cousin is angry that he has come back and wants to grab Kumar’s property as he is facing losses in his fishing business. The school headmaster also asks Kumar to wait before he gets an official fax to confirm Kumar’s appointment.

Kumar tries to ignore all this and enjoy his hometown. One night he goes with his family to attend a festival. On the way back while driving through a forest he sees a strange light and goes to investigate it. The light was coming from a black magic ritual though no one else is there. Kumar is almost possessed but is saved when Appu comes there and asks him to immediately leave that place. This is the beginning of complications and horror that affects all of them.