Kempe Gowda (2011) w.Subtitles

Year: 2011
Directed by: Sudeep
Starring: Sudeep, Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Ravi Shankar, Girish Karnad, Tara, Jayaram Karthik, Bullet Prakash

Arumugam (Ravi Shankar) is a big don in Bengaluru and controls all the land deals and other rowdy gangs. His contacts extend to other districts and he also has strong political power.

Meanwhile Kempe Gowda (Sudeep) is the SI of a small twon called Rona in Hubli. He grew up in that town and wanted to have a simple grocery store but joined the police because his father wanted him to become a policeman. Sharan is a constable in the station and Kempe Gowda’s childhood friend. The people in Rona respect Kempe Gowda because he doesn’t unnecessarily file FIRs and solves any disputes by making the two parties become friends. Ragini Dwivedi comes visiting to the town one day with her father from Bengaluru and dresses up like a tiger to scare her cousin. But instead, all the villagers get scared thinking it is a real tiger. Kempe Gowda arrives on the scene and gets angry with her for the stupid prank. But from here a friendship develops between the two that soon turns into romance.

In Bengaluru, one of the cases against Arumugam becomes a problem and the police who work for Arumuguam convince him to accept conditional bail to get out of it. They get the case registered in Rona and Arumugam sends one of the Hubli gangs who work for him to sign on his behalf. This angers Kempe Gowda and causes a war between him and Arumugam

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