Kempirve (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: Venkat Bharadwaj
Starring: H.G. Dattatreya, Sayaji Shinde, Laxman Shivashankar

Venkatesh Murthy is a retired old man who lives with his son, daughter in law and grandson. He is well known in his area and has lot of friends from all ages who respect his opinions and come to him for his advice. But at home he has to face his daughter in law’s complaints about him not contributing any money. His son tries to be nice to him but is scared to oppose his wife when she’s scolding Murthy. One day, while Murthy is in the park where he hangs out most of the time, he is approached by a real estate company. They initially use sentiment saying he looks like the owner’s father and then come to the point later. They are planning to build apartments in heritage style after demolishing existing old buildings and want Murthy to join with them. They feel since he is well respected, his friends who have properties will agree to sell if Murthy convinces them. Murthy himself is facing some debt problems and when the real estate people pay his debt for him, he feels it might be worth joining them…