Kencha (2009) w.Subtitles

Directed by: P N Sathya
Starring: Prajwal Devaraj, Pragna, Sharath Lohithashwa, Bhavya

Rahul (Prajwal) grew up without parents and had to struggle through his life doing small jobs. But he was always generous even as a small boy and this character continues later in life. Now he’s studying in college but dances and takes part in races and uses the extra money he earns to help others. His main rival in college is Ajay who is rich.

One day while racing against Ajay, Rahul sees a don Pashupathy killing a politician on the road. A few days later Shwetha joins their college and Ajay immediately decides that she will be his girlfriend. But Shwetha likes Rahul from the first time she sees him and the two become friends which irritates Ajay. Meanwhile Pashupathy who works on behalf of a powerful minister also has a connection to Rahul which will cause complications between the two….