Kendasampige (2015) w.Subs


Directed by: Duniya Soori
Starring: Vikky Varun, Manvitha, Prakash Belawadi

Kendasampige was released as Kendasampige Part:2 Ginimari Case. Actually this was the first movie in the 3 movie planned series. Part 1 was later released one year later under the title Kaage Bangara (Part:1) starring Prasanth Siddi.

The movie begins with a side story from Kaage Bangara involving a drug case. Some corrupt police officers have seized 40 crores from a Mangalore drug raid but have not disclosed it to the authorities. Instead they hide it in a lake in a village. One of the officers becomes drunk and starts talking about the case and their DCP who is not sharing the money properly with them. To silence him , the other cops kidnap him and take him to Chitradurga.

Meanwhile, Ravindra is a young man who once saved a rich girl Gowri when she was about to drown. He becoems friends with her and gets a job in Gowri’s mothers company as a low level employee. Ravindra and Gowri fall in love and one day Gowri’s mother sees them hugging outside a theater. She informs the DCP from the drug case and he arranges so make a fake drug case and arrests and tortures Ravi. Ravi is sentenced to jail but on the way from the court he takes the gun from the policeman escorting him and shoots him accidentally.

Ravi is now wanted by the police and decides to run away from the city. He pleads with Gowri to help him with some money but when she comes to meet him she decides to join him and run away from home. From here, it is a thriller as the police chase the couple…