Kiccha (2003) w.Subtitles

Year: 2003
Directed by: Arun Prasad P.A.
Starring: Sudeep, Ajay Rao, Shwetha, Sadhu Kokila, Sujatha, Avinash

Kiccha is an unemployed gold medalist who passed out of college two years back but still hasn’t been able to get a job. Though he has won many awards while studying at university no employer cares about these achievements. Everywhere he goes searching for a job he is disappointed by influence and bribe cases. So when the Education Minister comes to his old college and gives a speech, Kiccha interrupts it and insults the Minister and the system for frustrating good students like him. He is beaten by the Minister’s security and thrown out.

Kiccha lives with his mother who is a teacher. Though she keeps scolding him about not getting a job she takes care of his needs and supports him. Kiccha spends time hanging out with other unemployed friends and they have a small gang that is quite well known in their area. On two different occasions he attacks people for unjustly not giving jobs to deserving candidates but learns about how some people who pay bribes or make compromises are doing it out of desperate situations and family problems.

One day he goes with his mother to visit his aunt in a Ladies Hostel and there sees a young student. He immediately falls for her and starts following her and finds her details. Over the next few days he sets up different situations to force her to slowly fall in love with him without her realizing he has planned it. One day while roaming with her he sees an old friend of his being taken out of a police station because he killed his own father….