Kicchu (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Pradeep Raj
Starring: Dhruv Shama, Ragini Dwivedi, Abhinaya, Sai Kumar, Suchendra Prasad Spl Appearance: Sudeep

Real-life hearing and speech impaired actors, Dhruv Sharma and Abhinaya have acted in Kicchu. Unfortunately, Dhruv Sharma died last year before the release of this movie.

In a village called Kolagave in the forest area of Karnataka some businessmen have made plans of opening a resort. They try to convince the villagers that the land prices will increase and it will generate employment but a group of villagers led by Muthanna oppose them. Muthanna has a nephew Suri (Dhruv Sharma) who can’t speak or hear. Muthanna brings him to love the forest and trees and teaches him that the trees are like his elder brothers. A few years later, the resort project is still in progress and the land has been bought by a developer.

Padmakka (Ragini) is a young woman in the village who is educated and tries to teach the villagers about global issues and problems. But most of the people don’t agree with her and prefer Suri’s aggressive style. One day, when the resort developer comes to threaten the villagers, Muthanna hits him and he dies accidentally. When the police come searching for Muthanna and his group, they escape into the forests. While they are struggling in the forests, a Naxal leader, Devanna who is an old friend meets them and asks Suri to join him in their struggle to protect the forest land.