Kismath (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Vijay Raghavendra
Starring: Vijay Raghavendra, Sangeetha Bhat, Sai Kumar, Dilip Raj, Chikkanna, Tabla Nani, Dharma, Sundar Raj

Vijay is working in a company but due to problems that the parent company is facing, he loses his job. Faced with the pressure of getting his younger sister married, he applies to different banks for a loan but gets rejected. A friend of his Vinay introduces him to a loan shark who is notorious for being cruel and ruthless to people who don’t pay him back on time. But Vijay is desperate for the money and so takes a loan feeling confident that he can repay it within the next four months.

Vijay is in love with Anu from school days and the two are planning to get married. But Anu’s father does not approve of him now after he lost his job and so the two lovers decide to run away together. But now four months have passed, Vijay doesn’t have a job and the loan shark is threatening him. He pleads with his friend Vinay who arranges the money for him. Just when Vijay thinks his problems are solved, Anu’s father lodges a complaint with the police, Anu loses her chain while waiting for Vijay, and Vijay loses the money on the way to the loan shark. The pressure is increasing and every step is full of tension and problems for Vijay and Anu. Will they be able to resolve everything…