Kool Sakkath Hot Maga (2011)

Year: 2011
Directed by: Ganesh
Starring: Ganesh, Sana Khan, Rangayana Raghu, Sharan

Kool Sakkath Hot Maga got ito controversies early into its production when the director Mussanje Mahesh walked out of the movie during shooting. As a result, Ganesh decided to direct the movie himself.

Ganesh plays Rahul, a college student who is not interested in studies and spends time hanging out with his friends at college. Most of the time they waste their time looking at girls. One day, he sees Sana Khan and falls in love with her. She has a hot temper and initially the two don’t get along. Finally, she too falls in love with him. However, a twist arrives when Rahul dies one day. She is devastated and decides to move to another place to deal with her sorrow. There she bumps into another character who looks exactly like Rahul. He too falls in love with her but she refuses his proposals because she is still in love with Rahul. The rest of the movie is about who this look alike is and what he is doing there.

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