Krishna-Rukku (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Anil Kumar
Starring: Ajay Rao, Amulya, Girija Lokesh

A remake of the Telugu hit, Uyyala Jampala, Krishna-Rukku stars Ajay Rao and Amulya as cousins.

They have known each other from childhood and had a love-hate relationship always making fun of each other. Now as adults, Rukku finds herself about to be married off to an NRI and the two cousins suddenly realize they’re actually in love with each other. Will Krishna be successful in saving Rukku from a unhappy marriage or will family rpessures force them to accept their fates?

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    Please upload super ranga full movie hd

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    Gow to download this movie

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      Where is this pm

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    What the hell…It’s takes too much time to load..for very 10,20 seconds it’s buffering..even though zooming out..if you see full screen..2.30minutes movies takes 9 hrs to complete..worst site too much app add..worst kind of website design..even though seeks speed also

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