Krishnan Marriage Story (2011) w.Subs

Year: 2011
Directed by: Nuthan Umesh
Starring: Ajay Rao, Nidhi Subbaiah

Ajay Rao (Krishna) works in the advertising field and is successful. He comes from a joint family and despite his good career they keep putting pressure on him to get married. One day he visits his hometown and meets an old friend of his (Nidhi Subbaiah). The two like each other and Krishna feels he has finally found a girl that he can get married to. His family is happy at his decision as all of them like Nidhi who is a fun-loving chirpy girl.
The marriage is celebrated and their lives go on well for some time until a shocking news is broken by Krishna when he tells his family that Nidhi is suffering from a disease that will soon take her life. He however instructs them to not tell Nidhi about her disease….

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