Kulfi (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Manju Hassan
Starring: Sinol, Dilip

A young man who works as a broker has gone missing and his parents register a complaint but the police are not immediately able to get any clues. Meanwhile three friends work at a pub called Kulfi Pub as waiters. They all have financial requirements for different reasons and the tips they collect is important. So one day when they see a girl come alone to the pub and after drinking tip the waiter 500 ruppees they get excited and decide that they will serve her the next day. One of them goes when she comes to the pub and gets treated rudely by her but is given a good tip again of 500 rupees. This goes on for the next few days and they take turns serving her. In the meantime they keep getting calls from a woman called Padmini who teases them. One day the lady at the pub takes one of their phone numbers and asks him to meet her. When they meet, she starts telling her the tragedy in her life and requests him for help. But some horror is waiting for the three friends…