Kumari 21F (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Sriman Vemula
Starring: Pranam Devaraj, Nidhi Kushalappa, Ravi Kale, Avinash. Spl Appearance: Apoorva Gowda

A young man Siddu is picked up by the police and thrown into jail while being questioned about his friends. We see in flashback his story.

Siddu has dreams of becoming a chef on a Singapore cruise. He lives with his mother who works as a nurse after his father abandoned them. His friends include a born liar Pungu, MM who is obsessed with taking photos and videos on his phone, and Jaggu. These three are small time thieves and regularly steal from ATMs. Siddu also helps them and gets a cut from their deals.

One night Siddu meets a girl Kumari who shocks him with her bold talk about rates and her body. Though he is shocked, Siddu is fascinated by her. When she moves into the colony, his friends put a bet whether she has a mole on her stomach. Kumari gets to know and helps Siddu win the bet by drawing a fake mole. From here their friendship and love grows, but Siddu’s friends are always involved around the couple and keep casting doubts about Kumari’s character and background because of the open way she talks and behaves….