Last Bus (2016) w.Subs

Year: 2016
Directed by: S D Arvind
Starring: Avinash Narasimharaju, Meghashree Bhagavathar, Manasa Joshi, Deepa Gowda, Rajesh P I, Samarth Narasimharaju, Raka Shankar, Prakash Belawadi

Last Bus begins with a man wandering through a scary building wondering whether he is real or if he is in a dream. We are then taken to the flashback where he is seen trekking through beautiful Ghat hills. He has got separated from the rest of the group and is told to catch the last bus from Thirthahalli to Bengaluru. There is no direct bus to Thirthahalli, so he takes the only bus available to a place called Hanasa.

On the way a number of other passengers are picked up. A young girl who is studying in Mangalore but who has fallen in love and is escaping from her father who is angry with her, a woman who is having marriage problems, a couple of folk artists who are going to a Yakshagana, a local prostitute, a group of hunters, a student and a pujari.

The journey to Hanasa includes going through a forest that the villagers fear. So they stop to take blessings from a local goddess. But a tree falls and blocks their path. The driver and conductor don’t want to travel anymore saying this is a bad omen but the passengers convince the driver to continue. Soon after this they meet with an accident and the driver is missing. The passengers decide to look for him and while searching for him they come to an old abandoned house…..