Live Band (2005)

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Year: 2005
Directed by: B R Keshav
Starring: Michelle, Anupama, Sneha, Ranjitha, Sarika, Pooja, Nagesh Mayya, Mohan Juneja

A reporter has been asked by the editor to write a sensational story, so she decides to research and write a story on live bands in Bengaluru city. Girls come from different parts of the state and country looking for jobs in the city and end up in dance bars where they are trapped without being able to escape.

One such girl Lakshmi is brought by her relative and he puts her in a house after promising a job. But she has actually been sold to a live band operator who asks the other girls to take care of her. One such girl is Geetha who tells Lakshmi her story. She too was brought by the same relative for work but was instead taken to a dance bar. Initially she is shy and can’t dance in front of the drunk customers but after getting insulted many times, she takes it as a challenge to improve herself.

Geetha takes Lakshmi under her care and promises to train her in the best methods to get maximum money from the customers who come to the bars…