Madhuve Madhuve (2009)

Year: 2009
Directed by: B Ramamurthy
Starring: Thriller Manju, Akash, Shivu, Vijay, Mamata, Jyothi

Suhas, Santhosh and Alankar are close friends from college days and work together. Suhas and Santhosh like to enjoy life and party but Alankar is traditional thinking and believes in arranged marriages. On Valentines Day, the two friends force Alankar to join them for a party at a club and though he agrees, he sits alone at a table and refuses to mix with any of the girls there. Suhas and Santhosh are desperate to change their friend and so set up a plan to get him a girlfriend there. Their plan succeeds and Alankar gets friendly with Priya, a girl he meets there.

Initially, the friends are happy their plan to change their friend has worked, but over the next few days, Alankar stops coming home and starts spending all his time with Priya. At first, Suhas and Santhosh are worried about his whereabouts but once they realize Priya is getting all his attention, they begin to start feeling jealous and misbehave with Priya when she visits Alankar at their house. Alankar is meanwhile torn between his old friends and his new girlfriend and has some big decisions to make. But his friends also have made some plans for him…