Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole (2016)


Directed by: Kaviraj
Starring: Suraj Gowda, Amulya, Anant Nag, Achyuth Kumar, Chikkanna

Anant Nag and Achyuth Kumar are neighbors in a gated community. They have been friends for years and their friendship extends to their families, especially their children (Amulya and Suraj Gowda) who have been childhood friends.

The parents make every possible effort to ensure that the two fall in love. Everything seems perfect and just when they are getting ready to get married, a number of problems happen. It begins when Anant Nag who is a retired principal and a very bad driver goes to the RTO office for some work regarding his license. Achytuh Kumar is the RTO officer in charge and his behavior irritates Anant Nag. From there, the two keep fighting and eventually the families break up their friendship.

Amulya and Suraj have to now find a way to bring everyone once again together.