Makkala Rajya (1960)


Directed by: B R Panthulu
Starring: Umesh, Nagesh, B R Panthulu, M. V. Rajamma, Narasimharaju, Dikki Madhava Rao, Hanumanthachar, Balakrishna, Chi. Udaya Shankar, M.N Lakshmi Devi, Jayakumari Spl Appearance: Shivaji Ganeshan

The King Medhavi has planned to make his kingdom democratic and allow people to vote and elect his ministers. But this news does not impress his adviser and minister Vikrama. Vikrama plots with the help of his friends to kill the King. On the day of the King’s announcement an explosion is set off and the King and his wife fall into a hole underground. A demon there curses the king to become a mango tree for 10 years and his wife returns to the kingdom.

In the meantime, Vikrama has seized power and is now the King and ruling. King Medhavi had some loyal followers and they oppose Vikrama and swear to overthrow him. King Medhavi’s son is born and is named Vijaya Vikrama because it is believed he will overthrow Vikrama. Vijaya Vikrama grows up to be a boy and becomes popular among the children for his fearlessness. He soon starts leading revolts against Vikrama.