Mandakini (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: Ramesh Surve
Starring: Rashmi, Chethan, Jayanthi, Sharath Lohithashwa, Pavithra Lokesh, Sudharani, Shivaram, Doddanna, Datthanna, Bank Janardhan

Mandakini is a small girl growing up in a village with her grandmother Jayanthi and family. Her family is the most powerful in the village and her father is the head of the panchayat and is the final decision maker in all disputes. He is renowned for his justice and fairness.

Mandakini’s young eyes see a lot of immoral and shocking things that influence her as she grows up. Her father had become impotent after an accident and soon after this, her mother began a secret affair with his younger brother which Mandakini became aware of. All this influences her to decide never to get married and instead focus on her studies and do something important and useful for her community. She is a good student and years later, she secures the 1st rank in the State. After she gets featured in the newspapers, staff from a reputed college visit her parents in the village and offer to provide full scholarship and facilities for her further studies. Madakini’s father is supportive and encourages her despite his brother’s opposition. At this point, the news of the scandal going on inside their house is revealed publicly and Mandakini’s father decides to quit his role and go on a pilgrimage. In these circumstances, Mandakini heads into the city to study but more dangers and new experiences await her…