Mareyalare (2016)


Directed by: Sharat Khadri
Starring: Thandav, Pavitra Belliappa, Mithra, Malathi Shri, Avinash

Santhosh (Thandav) is an ad film director. His ad films are popular and he has gone to Chikkamagaluru for location scouting and is staying at a guest house. One night while driving back a priest and a young woman stop him and ask him for a drop to the nearby church. Since it is raining, Santhosh agrees and instantly likes the girl who enters his car. After dropping them, he returns to the guest house and notices the girl has left her diary by mistake in his car. That night he reads it and is very impressed by the writing and stories in it.

The next day Santhosh goes to the church searching for the girl and meets the priest who introduces her as Sparsharanjini….