Masterpiece (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Manju Mandavya
Starring: Yash, Shanvi Srivastava, Ravi Shankar, Suhasini, Achyuth Kumar, Chikkanna

Yash is brought up by his mother Suhasini who tells him stories of brave and patriotic Indian historical figures like Veer Savarkar and Bhagat Singh. She does this hoping that he will also do something for the country and society that will make her proud of him. But instead, he grows up to be a small-time rowdy who gets into fights with lot of people.

He falls in love with Shanvi who is one day attacked by Ravi Shankar who is a criminal and mafia don involved in drug trafficking. This enrages Yash who is fearless and humiliates the don. This angers Ravi Shankar and he plots revenge to give Yash a bad name in his community. When his mother gets to know of this, she is disappointed and gives up on Yash. It is now up to Yash to clear his name and also win back his mother’s respect and love.