Mathadana (2001)


Directed by: T N Seetharam
Starring: Anant Nag, Tara, Hemanth Vasisht, Devaraj, Avinash, Sundar Raj, Mukyamanthri Chandru, Prakash Belawadi, P Sheshadri, Sudha Belawadi, Nalini Gowda, Karibasavaiah, Girija Lokesh

Mathadana is an award-winning movie based on the novel by famous Kannada writer S. L. Bhyrappa.

Ramalinge Gowda (Anat Nag) is a principled powerful man in a village and whoever he supports will win the elections because many villagers are on his side. He has been supporting the current Minister Puttegowdru who is expected to win again in the upcoming elections.

Markhande Gowda (Devaraj) is a distant relative of Ramalinge and a rich powerful leader. He visits Ramalinge requesting him for his support in the elections but Ramalinge refuses saying Puttegowdru has done good work for the village. Markhande Gowda is upset and says that his time will also come one day.

These two powerful people of the village keep opposing each other and sometimes this causes trouble for villagers. A young doctor Shivappa working in the village visits Ramalinge Gowda and meets his daughter Lakshmi (Tara). Shivappa is famous among the villagers for doing social service without charging much. But now he has come with a request to Ramalinge to end his rivalry with Markhande for the benefit of the village. At the same time, in Markhande Gowda’s house, plans are being made to win the elections at any cost…