Megha Alias Maggi (2018)


Directed by: Vishal Puttanna
Starring: Sukrutha Wagle, Tej Gowda, Neetu Bala

Sagar (Tej Gowda) and Tanu (Neetu Bala) are a newly married couple who after marriage have moved into Sagar’s house. Sagar’s mother and sister are friendly with Tanu and the morning after the wedding they’re going through the wedding gifts they received. Just then a courier delivers a honeymoon package gift for 5 days in Chikmagalur. Though the sender is unknown the couple decides to accept the gift and spend their honeymoon in Chikmagalur.

Before going to Chikmagalur, Sagar and Tanu spend time together shopping and going out. But Sagar starts receiving messages on his phone from an unknown person commenting on Tanu. He also notices her talking alone in the balcony a few times and starts suspecting her.

At the beginning of the movie we see Sagar receiving a message while at their honeymoon resort asking him to come to a bridge. When he goes there an unknown person hits him on the head from behind. The rest of the movie solves the mystery of this unknown person…