Mohini Estate (2007)

Year: 2007
Directed by: B L Sampath Kumar
Starring: Sunil, Priya, Meena, Doddanna, Vasudeva Rao

Priya is the spoilt daughter of a rich businessman. She spends her time with her friends and likes traveling. One day she makes a plan to go with her friends to her family estate near a forest but her parents refuse to let her go there and don’t explain why they are not agreeing. Priya makes a fuss and threatens to stop eating food. Finally her father agrees and calls the old thatha who is taking care of the estate to make the necessary arrangements for the touring party.

Priya and her large gang of friends reach the estate and enjoy themselves having a jolly time roaming in the nearby forests. Everything is going ok and the group is having a good time. But slowly strange things begin to happen ….