Mr Perfect (2017)

Year: 2017
Directed by: A Ramesh Babu
Starring: Anup Sa Ra Govindu, Shalini, Bullet Prakash

Anup suffers from a medical problem of sleep walking because of which he gets out of his bed when he’s sleeping and starts walking without realizing it. Once while he is sleep walking, he bumps into Sreeja (Shalini) who is being attacked by a gang of rowdies. Shalini requests him to help her and he wakes up and fights them and saves her.

Srija is impressed by him but does not believe his story about his disease. She asks him why he’s dressed up so well if he was just sleeping before this. Anup tells her he has had this problem since childhood and he used to sleep walk in his chaddi, so his father made him promise to always dress up well before sleeping 🙂

The next day Sreeja sees Anup at the temple but his eyes are closed and she thinks he’s again sleeping. She tells the pujari about Anup’s problem but on this occasion it turns out that Anup was actually praying. This leads to an argument between the two as Anup accuses her of spreading the news of his problem to everyone. Though they have these small fights, the couple soon falls in love. However, problems happen when Sreeja’s family gets involved. There is also an angle of a haunted factory where mysterious deaths have happened. How all these details get connected together forms the rest of the plot….