Mr. Putsamy (1998)


Directed by: V Umakanth
Starring: Shiva Rajkumar, Lali, Lokesh, Suman, Srinath, Shobhraj, Avinash, Bank Janardhan

In olden times, Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadevaraya meets with the king of Mysore Wodeyar. The two are friends and Krishnadevaraya tells him that a famous Maratha musician Bhuvankara who has been touring the country will be visiting them soon. Bhuvankara is very skilled but arrogant and has defeated artists from every kingdom so far. On the day of the competition, Bhuvankara once again defeats the dancer in the Vijayanagara courts and Krishnadevaraya is left disappointed. Wodeyar then suggests to him that they should invite his personal bodyguard Putsamy (Shivarajkumar). Putsamy is a great dancer himself and he soon defeats Bhuvankara and restores the pride of the kingdom.

A few days later Putsamy once again saves the two kings when a group of assassins attack them. Impressed with his bravery, Krishnadevaraya builds a gold statue of Putsamy and sends it to Mysore where it is kept for hundreds of years and now exists in a museum. But one day this statue comes to life…