Mukyamantri Kaladodnappo (2018)

Year: 2018
Directed by: Shivakumar Bhadraiah
Starring: Bharath Bhadraiah, Amulya Raj, Nirmala Patel, Dhanna Mudalagi

The Chief Minister is under threat and and pressure from the opposition. he is supposed to come up with an alternative person for the CM post. As he thinks of different options from among his Ministers, he gets worried about his future as they are all power hungry. So he collects evidence against them and calls for a meeting. The Ministers argue among themselves about how many MLAs each one has in their group but are shocked when they are shown the evidence of all their crimes. They have no choice but to agree to the CM’s demands and support his candidate.

The CM’s village is a backward village with no development. His PA arrives there searching for one of the CM’s old associates called Boti Krishna. Krishna is an illiterate person who does small jobs and doesn’t have any knowledge of anything outside his village. He is brought to the city and told that he will be the next CM.

Meanwhile, Bharath is a young reporter who photographs some important people in a lodge. They notice him and send rowdies to get the photos from him. While escaping from them, Bharath enters the house of a young girl Amulya who is the daughter of a Minister. She is impressed by Bharath….