Mummy Save Me (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Lohith H
Starring: Priyanka Upendra, Yuvina Parthavi, Golisoda Madhusudan

A horror movie, Mummy Save Me revolves around Priya (Priyanka) and her 6 year old daughter Kriya. Priya is 7 months pregnant and has just lost her husband. Before his death, he had given Kriya a doll to play with. The mother and daughter move to Goa and begin to live in an old mansion.

Priya is depressed about her husband’s death and doesn’t pay enough attention to her daughter. The death also affects Kriya and she begins to act stubborn and is difficult to manage. She keeps playing with her doll and soon starts talking to it. One day she sees a ghost and starts speaking to it too. Priya thinks her daughter is also depressed and talking to herself and tries getting the help of a psychiatrist. But soon, she also sees the ghost….

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