My Autograph (2006)

Year: 2006
Directed by: Sudeep
Starring: Sudeep, Meena, Sridevika, Deepa Bhaskar

My Autograph is a remake of the hit Tamil film Autograph and is directed by Sudeep.

It is about Shankar, a successful advertising professional who runs an ad agency in Bengaluru. He is getting ready for his marriage which is an arranged marriage selected by his parents. As the wedding day comes close he begins to think about his life and all the people he met and loved starting from his younger days in Thirthahalli to reaching his current position in Bengaluru. He decides to invite all his friends and prepares the invitation cards for them and goes by bus to the town where he grew up. When he reaches there he gets flashbacks of his days in school and his first love and goes to meet her to invite her. He also meets some old friends there. From there he travels to Kerala where he did his college degree and had made friends. Through his journey he finds people have changed and their situations and circumstances have also changed. Some of them are in sad positions and others are happy. He tries to learn from them and looks at life differently after seeing and meeting old friends after a long gap.

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