Nagarahavu (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Kodi Ramakrishna
Starring: Ramya, Diganth, Vishnuvardhan, Sai Kumar, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Mukul Dev Spl Appearance: Darshan

Diganth is a popular musician whose only passion lies in music. Ramya plays Manasa, who one day in a chance encounter with him forces him to take her into his troupe. He is initially not interested when he realizes that she does not know how to sing or dance but is convinced by his friends to agree to her pleas. But as time goes on, Manasa displays several strange behaviors like suddenly being able to sing and dance beautifully. It turns out that she is a snake-woman who has been reborn to take revenge on an evil tantrik. In her past life she was Naganika and the tantrik and her family had been fighting for years over a holy place with special powers. Manasa now has to also protect a special vessel from the tantrik and other evil men who are trying to get it from a museum.

Vishnuvardhan was digitally created for this movie and he appears at the end to help in an epic battle.

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