Nanda Loves Nanditha (2008) w.Subtitles

Year: 2008
Directed by: B. N. Vijayakumar
Starring: Yogesh, Nandhithaa, Avinash

Nanda Loves Nanditha was the debut of Yogesh as hero. Nanda is the son of auto driver Avinash. When he was a small boy his mother committed suicide in front of him after fighting with Avinash. Avinash married again but the step mother illtreated Nanda and discouraged him from continuing his studies.

Nanda grows up doing small jobs and hanging out with rowdy friends. His main job is to dance at funerals. One day after getting drunk he fights with his father and stepmother and is thrown out of his house. He wanders the streets for a few days and gets kicked out of waiter job at a bar when he fights with some customers who abuse him.

Finally after becoming desperate he joins a friend of his who is a gangster and does collections. The friend gives him an abandoned building to stay in and here he comes across Nanditha who is a mute. He takes pity on her because she is hungry and gives her his food. From here their friendship begins as Nanda gets deeper into rowdyism.