Nataraja Service (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Pavan Wadeyar
Starring: Sharan, Mayuri Kyatari, Rockline Venkatesh, Yathiraj Spl Appearance: Ravi Shankar

Nataraja is a small time thief and keeps going to jail for small things like stealing newspapers, milk packets etc. He jokes that he likes the sambar served in the jail and that’s why he likes to keep coming back. Even the police in the jail feel contempt for him being such a petty thief and advise him to do some bigger crimes so he can come for longer jail terms. In jail, he shares his cell with a bank robber who is also getting released on the same day as Nataraja. When he hears about the bank robbers story Nataraja also gets inspired and plans that one day he will also rob the biggest bank and come to jail for a long time.

On his way out of jail a dupatta comes flying and hits his face. He sees Sahana (Mayuri) searching for it and hides it thinking he will get at least one week in jail for this crime. But when she finds it, she is disgusted with him and says he is not even worthy of going to jail. From here their friendship begins and they meet again in different circumstances. Sahana meanwhile has problems of her own. Everyone calls her Lathe because her horoscope has some bad omens in it. The two eventually join together and end up in different problems from which they need to escape.

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