Neela Megha Shyama (2002)

Year: 2002
Directed by: Raj Kishore
Starring: Radhika Kumaraswamy, Srujan Lokesh, Shobhraj, Doddanna, Pavitra Lokesh, Tennis Krishna

Neela Megha Shyama was actually Radhika’s debut movie but was released after Ninagagi.

It opens with a function where Doddanna’s student is getting married in three religion’s ceremonies. They explain the story of how this happened. Shyama is studying in Garden City College, Bengaluru and has been in love with Neela Megha for many years since PUC. But she has refused his proposals. Now they’ve reached final year BCom and Shayama is hoping to win her love. He has a rival also in college who likes Neela. Neela meanwhile is a fun loving girl who likes to play pranks and ask riddles to her friends. On one occasion she comes to college dressed as a dead body and when everyone is mourning she reveals that it was a joke. But the principal, teachers and students are all fond of her and don’t take her pranks seriously. How this college campus love story blossoms forms the rest of the movie…