Noorondu Nenapu (2017)

Directed by: Kumaresh M
Starring: Chetan Kumar, Meghana Raj, Rajavardan, Sushmitha Joshi, Yash Shetty, Archana

Noorondu Nenapu is set in 1980 and narrated in flashback by Sruthi (Meghana Raj).

Shreyas (Chetan) belongs to a very rich business family but is poor in academics and spends his time fighting. His mother forces him to complete his studies in a new college hoping that he will change his ways.

On his first day in college, Shreyas is insulted and hit by a gang led by Daya. Later, Daya comes to his room to apologize and tells him that he mistook him for someone else. The next day, Shreyas is approached by Sai who is Daya’s rival. Sai tells Shreyas that he has his support to take revenge on Daya but Shreyas refuses saying he has accepted Daya’s apology. This results in Daya and Shreyas becoming good friends with a common rival Sai.

Into this picture enters Sruthi, a medical student whom Shreyas falls in love with, but she does not respond. Simultaneously, another girl Meenakshi who is his classmate and daughter of a police officer falls in love with Shreyas. There are more romance angles and complications…