Orata I Love You (2007)

Year: 2007
Directed by: Shri
Starring: Prashanth, Soumya, Avinash, Mandya Ramesh

Kencha and Varadha are two rowdies who control diferrent areas. They have a constant rivalry and their gang members keep fighting with each other. Varadha’s area has more people and he is more powerful than Kencha. So the local MLA decides to become his friend and get his help for the upcoming election. When he goes to meet Varadha, he gets scared and agrees to Varadha’s demand to give him his new jeep. Varadha then goes loafing in the jeep with his gang members and slum kids. While driving they splash water on a college girl (Soumya) standing at the busstop. Soumya has a boyfriend and is happy with her life and looks down on rowdies like Varadha. A few days later Varadha gets into another fight with Kencha and is injured and lying on the road. Soumya passes by in an auto and feels pity for him and takes him to a nearby hospital. This impresses Varadha and when he recovers he starts following her to say thanks. Soumya is not interested in him and begins to regret having helped him…