Pandavaru (2006)

Year: 2006
Directed by: K V Raju
Starring: Ambareesh, Jaggesh, Aishwarya, Devaraj, Gurlin Chopra, Shashikumar, Tara, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Ramkumar, Bank Janardhan

Kempegowda (Ambareesh) lives with his four brothers in a village and are the most respected and powerful landlords and family. Due to certain incidents that happened in the past no women are allowed to be a part of their family. There is another family in the same village who are Kempegowda’s lifelong enemies and they are led by Nagamani (Aishwarya). Nagamani and family are cruel to the poor villagers and seize lands for the smallest reasons. When villagers are desperate, they go to Kempegowda for justice who takes a special interest in cases involving Nagamani’s family.

Nagamani’s daughter Anjali is studying in the same law college as Kempegowda’s brother who keeps teasing and troubling her. Nagamani has fixed Anjali’s wedding with the Home Minister to increase her political power. But Kempegowda gets 12 MLAs to put pressure on the Minister to cancel the marriage plan. This angers Nagamani and she vows to kill Kempegowda but is prevented by her family who suggest another cunning plan to teach their rivals a lesson. This plan involves using Anjali’s beauty to cause problems in Kempegowda’s family….