Patre Loves Padma (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: Chandrashekher Shreevastav
Starring: Ajith, Kruthika, Deepika, Pavitra, Dhananjay, Ramesh Bhat, Lokanath, Girija Lokesh

A group of friends led by Patre are rejected by their families and sleep at night in a parked bus. Outside Patre’s house they have put his photo with garland as if he has already died. Similarly for the other friends, each family has put some sign to show they have been thrown out.

Patre is basically a loverboy and spends his days dreaming about love. After doing his morning prayers he and the friends sit somewhere and talk about life and philosophies. Sometimes when they see a TVS of a stranger they attack and destroy it for no reason. What is the reasons for this strange behavior?

When the local train comes they rush to be in time to watch some schoolgirls coming. One of them likes Patre and he also likes her. After some time, the friends follow another girl who is studying in college. Patre seems to not have one girlfriend or love. What is actually running in his mind and what is the future of such a person forms the rest of the plot.