Plan (2015)


Directed by: Keerthi
Starring: Anant Nag, Koustubh Jayakumar, Hemanth, Ramesh Bhat, Sriram, Jay, Sanath, Gauthami

Three young men are in court for some crimes they are accused of committing. The judge decides that the police need more time to complete the investigation and remands them to judicial custody for 15 more days. The Inspector who has arrested them Kishore is accused by the media of doing it for personal reasons but he denies these allegations.

When the accused men reach the judicial custody house, Kishore makes sure that they’re first put in the barracks where they are beaten up by other criminals. The next day one of the accused, Ajay, gets a visitor (Ramesh Bhat) who is a lawyer but is pretending to be Ajay’s grandfather now. He tells Ajay that the witnesses in the case are changing their statements and that the case might be lost. He suggests that the three find a way to escape within the next few days before they’re permanently shifted to Central Jail.

Meanwhile, Ananth (Anant Nag) is a jailer who has been newly transferred there. He has a personal problem with Inspector Kishore. How do all these characters and stories get resolved forms the rest of the plot.