Police Story 2 (2007)

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Year: 2007
Directed by: Thriller Manju
Starring: Sai Kumar, Rockline Venkatesh, Shobhraj, G V Sudhakar, Lambu Nagesh, Karibasavaiah, Lokanath, Girija Lokesh

Agni is a supercop and Deputy Commissioner of Police who has a no-nonsense style of dealing with crime and criminals. He spends all his time fighting crime and doesn’t care for awards or publicity and avoids big press meetings.

His close friend and assistant is policeman Vijay and together they strike terror in criminals. They have the support of the CM who is honest. But there is one group of criminals who have the law and politicians in their pockets, Thimmakka. Thimmakka’s son Rocky is an uncontrollable criminal who does whatever he wants. One day, Rocky rapes a call center girl and when her friend who is a reporter tries to publish the story she is opposed by her editor. The next day the reporter is threatened by Rocky’s gang and she complains to Agni who immediately arrests him and throws him in jail where he is beaten badly. An angry Thimmakka arrives and threatens Agni but he doesn’t care and so the case goes to court. But in the court, Rocky’s lawyers win the case and he is freed. Rocky then meets Agni and laughs at him also warning him. What will Agni’s reaction be and what will the consequences be…