Preethi Kitabu (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Vittal Bhat
Starring: Duniya Rashmi,Nihal, Purvi Joshi

Duniya Rashmi plays Preeti, a PhD student who is researching Indian history, in particular, the history of Karnataka. As part of her research she travels to the town of Sagar where she decides to study the old temples and buildings around the area.

She is interested in writing also and every day makes notes of her daily life in a book – Preeti Kitabu. While wandering around as part of her research, she comes across a local man and the two get close to each other.

Preeti Kitabu was known for the beautiful shots of Jog Falls that are featured in it and has been directed by Vittal Bhat who was a TV journalist and based the movie on a real life incident.