Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu (1979)

Year: 1979
Directed by: C. V. Rajendran
Starring: Shankar Nag, Srinath, Manjula, Dwarakish, Narasimharaju, Padmapriya, Balakrishna, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Uma Shivakumar, Pramila Joshai Spl App: Tiger Prabhakar, Shakti Prasad

This was one of the last movies of Hasya Chakravarthi Narasimharaju.

Shripathi (Srinath) is the son of a rich builder and businessman. His father has given him the duty of handling his whole business but Shripathi enjoys his time and is having a romantic relationship with Padmapriya. She is studying in the city with her sister Manjula and they both decide to go back to their hometown and meet their father and brother Dwarakish for a few weeks. Their father is the owner of an estate and Ravi (Shankar Nag) works there as his Assistant Manager. Dwarakish meanwhile is a big Rajukmar fan and is obsessed with making a movie in which he will do everything from acting to directing.

Ravi and Shripathi are old friends. Ravi likes to spend his earnings on fancy things and sometimes misses sending money to his old father. In such situations, Shripathi helps him and his father out with money assistance. Padma and Manjula bump into Ravi by accident when their two cars collide because of Ravi’s mistake. He refuses to apologize and instead insults the two girls. Angry with him they force their father to dismiss him from his job. But Ravi is not a meek person and refuses to accept the dismissal. He builds a tent outside their house and goes on strike….