Prema Geema Jaane Do (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Kenja Chethan Kumar
Starring: Gowtham Ghatke, Pallavi Gowda, Shruthi Thimmaiah, Prashanth Siddi, Ramesh Bhat, Sheethal Shetty

Karthik is a young man who is trying to become a Chartered Accountant in Bengaluru. After failing the CA exam many times his parents advise him to leave his friends and the city and go to a distant place so that he can concentrate on his exams. He therefore travels to the beautiful Siliguri and looks for PG accommodation.

He comes across a Kannadiga doctor who has is offering a room for rent but when he goes there, the doctor tells him they don’t rent to bachelors. Karthik convinces him that he won’t cause any trouble and so the doctor asks his daughter Ishita if she agrees to let Karthik stay with him. Ishita agrees with one condition. She makes bakra videos for a local TV channel and Karthik should help her for a few hours with the shooting of the episodes.

Ishita introduces Karthik to her friends and they all have a lot of fun shooting and playing pranks on people. Karthik does not believe in love and having girlfriends and so he and Ishita just remains friends. One day, Ishita’s grandmother falls sick, so she leaves to take care of her. At this point, another girl Ananya who is Ishita’s childhood friend makes an entry into Karthik’s life….