Premigagi Naa (2008)

Year: 2008
Directed by: Snehapriya
Starring: Shankar, Vandana, Appu Venkatesh, Suchita, Dwarakish, Umashri, Sumithra

Ramu is an orphan who grew up in his aunt’s house in a village. His aunt never made him feel the absence of his parents and Ramu feels a lot of gratitude to her. He is also in love with his cousin Prema and the two plan on getting married once he finishes his studies which he is pursuing in the city.

Prema has big dreams for Ramu though he is happy to return to the village and become a farmer after getting his degree. She encourages him to dream big and also pursue his music interest which he had given up after the orchestra he was part of became bankrupt. When Ramu mentions that a new guitar will cost Rs 6000, Prema arranges the money through her mother and forces him to buy the guitar. Exams are nearing and Ramu meets with the orchestra director to resume their performances. Meanwhile, many girls in college like him but Ramu is only focused on his lover Prema, back in the village.

Prema’s bother-in-law is a drunkard and is not convinced about what Ramu will do once he starts earning though Prema and her mother believe in him completely. What will happen to Ramu’s career and what does the future hold for the two lovers forms the rest of the plot..