Premotsava (1999)

Year: 1999
Directed by: Dinesh Baboo
Starring: Vishnuvardhan, Tara, Roja, Devayani, Ramakrishna, Sumithra

Bharat (Vishnuvardhan) is a mechanic and owns a garage in a hill station. He likes children and every day, a school bus carrying children stops near his garage and the kids play with him. Tara has a tea shop near his garage and is in love with him. She keeps trying to get friendly with him using different excuses but he always treats her like a small girl and shouts at her to not have such ideas about him. One day, a new teacher (Roja) is appointed at the school and she immediately dislikes Bharat when the bus stops as usual at his garage. She insults him and tells the driver to never stop there again. But unluckily for her, the school bus axle breaks and they are forced to ask for his help. Though Bharat initially refuses to help, when the children request him, he agrees but continues to be rude to Roja. Tara is meanwhile happy that Bharat doesn’t like the new teacher. But after a few meetings Roja begins to change her feelings for Bharat and slowly starts to like him. This upsets Tara …

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