Priyanka (2016)

Year: 2016
Directed by: Dinesh Baboo
Starring: Priyanka Upendra, Prakash Raj, Tejas, Avinash

Priyanka is based on the real life murder incident of a techie, Saurabh Rastogi by a young man who was his wife’s friend.

Priyanka begins with a murder having taken place. The milk delivery boy found the body of a techie. His wife was in Mysore visiting her parents when he was murdered. Shortly after the police investigation, a young man came to the cops and confessed saying he had committed the murder. The police are in a fix and begin to suspect that the murdered techie’s wife may be involved. Priyanka Upendra plays Priyanka, the wife. She is brought in for questioning and appears to be still shocked. She tells the story of how she and her husband met on Facebook after she had moved to Bengaluru to pursue her MTech and had started working in a multinational company.

Prakash Raj plays a senior cop who conducts the interrogation of the two suspects along with Veena Sundar who plays an ACP. The two police officers use different methods to extract the truth about the murder in this thriller….