Raja Rajendra (2015)

Year: 2015
Directed by: Pon Kumaran
Starring: Sharan, Ishita Dutta, Vimala Raman, Sadhu Kokila, Ravi Shankar, Tabla Nani, Ramakrishna

Sharan is a fraud who pretends to be a notorious gangster called Bottle Mani in an attempt to make some quick money to pay for his mother’s sickness. One day, he is hired by the son-in-laws of the head of a royal family to kill the old man because they want to take over all the properties.

Mani agrees and goes to the palace but once he has reached there he changes his mind and instead falls in love with one of daughters of the royal family and decides to protect the man he was hired to kill. This leads to a lot of complications and further complications are added when the ghost of an old king in the family comes to haunt the evil people living there and possesses Mani. A black magician is hired to trap the ghost in a bottle but everything becomes even more complicated when the bottle is misplaced…